Selection Criteria

Ethics Advocate Award sculptureThe selection criteria are based on Aristotle’s three components of ethical action: Perception, to recognize what needs to be done; Reason, to formulate and put forth practical solutions; and Desire, to persevere in bringing about positive change. The selection committee evaluates the following characteristics of nominees, who must have demonstrated leadership by:

  • Perceiving and raising awareness of a need, problem or opportunity that should be addressed
  • Advocating a practical solution or course of action to benefit the common good
  • Inspiring others to share his or her vision and goals

Nominees may reside in any geographic region. Posthumous nominations are considered only in special circumstances. A volunteer committee of business and community leaders evaluate the nominations and recommend an honoree to the board of directors of the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility. The board of directors is solely responsible for the final selection of the recipient of the Ethics Advocate Award.