The Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility faculty and staff have produced and published a number of articles, newsletters, survey results and other writing over the last several years. A sampling of those items can be found here.

Leaders on Ethics - edited by John Knapp, former director of the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

cover of Leaders on EthicsLeaders on Ethics: Real-World Perspectives on Today’s Business Challenges is a collection of first-hand presentations by CEOs and other nationally known executives, originally given to their peers during discussion forums at the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility. In addressing subjects ranging from marketing with a conscience to promoting workplace diversity to dealing with the implications of globalization, these leaders provide a wide variety of perspectives on the ethics of leadership. Along the way, they reveal successes, failures and present lessons learned in navigating the tumultuous waters of today’s society.

The following are among the leaders who share their experiences in facing – and facing down – ethical dilemmas and challenges:

  • James Copeland, recently retired chairman and CEO of Deloitte & Touche, discusses ethics in public accounting and the uncertain future of big accounting firms.
  • Debra Waller, chairman and CEO of Jockey International, on the ethics of using sexual images to sell apparel to young people.Jack Ward, chairman and CEO of Russell Corporation, on the challenge of managing workforce diversity.
  • Deval Patrick, former executive VP, corporate secretary and general counsel of The Coca-Cola Company, former general counsel of Texaco, and now the governor of Massachusetts, on globalization and corporate accountability.
  • Karen Katen, president of Pfizer Human Health and vice chairman of Pfizer, on ethical issues in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Ed Zinbarg, retired chief investment officer and chief administrative officer of Prudential Life Insurance Company, on what businesses can learn about ethics from the world’s major religions.
  • John Wieland, founder and CEO of John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, on the ethical challenges he encountered in developing an entrepreneurial firm.
  • Steve Odland, chairman and CEO of the Office Depot and chair of the corporate governance task force of Business Roundtable, on what corporations are learning about best practices in ethical governance.