Ethics & Diversity

The ethical dimensions of our workplace practices and organizational cultures evolve most sharply in our management and leadership of diversity. The Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility has convened peer-to-peer learning about the ethics of diversity with some of the nation’s leading companies. We believe that the management of diversity issues is a key responsibility of leadership and is a crucible in which exemplary companies are forging the ethical cultures and practices of tomorrow. Please join us in the ongoing work of making our workplaces more respectful, inclusive, equal and fair. The center hosts meetings, workshops and topical writing on the ethical dimensions of diversity.

Issues and Resources

The Ethics of Leadership and Religious Diversity and Religious Expression at Work
When the main source of ethics for many Americans is their religion, what are the responsibilities of leaders regarding religious expression? When does inclusion unintentionally exclude? Recent calls by Christian groups for greater accommodation of religious expression raise difficult questions for leaders of public organizations. Should leaders publicly support greater expression of culturally dominant religions? When does the workplace expression of a culturally dominant faith exclude non-religious employees or those of non-dominant religions? How do we keep the spiritual sources of our morality and ethical commitments vital while promoting inclusive workplaces? Beyond good intentions, what are the responsibilities of leaders?

Click herePDF icon to read more: Religion and Faith at Work: When does inclusion become exclusionary? by Frank McCloskey, former vice president of diversity, Georgia Power Corporation

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