Activities in 2010

Thursday, December 2
Executive Breakfast Roundtable with Frank McCloskey and Bill Nigut
Nationally respected leaders Frank McCloskey and Bill Nigut led a lively exchange entitled Beyond Good Intentions: The Ethics of Leadership and Religious Expression at Work. Those in attendance explored the perennial and thorny issue of leadership and religion in the workplace. The breakfast roundtable was held at The Capital City Club.

Wednesday, October 27
2010 Ethics Advocate Award Gala and Presentation
David M. Ratcliffe, chairman and chief executive officer of Southern Company, received the 2010 Ethics Advocate Award from the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility. A gala reception and presentation of the award was held at the Carter Center in Atlanta.

Wednesday-Thursday, July 28-29
The center and 15 corporate and university leaders took part in a unique opportunity in ethics education. We traveled to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island to learn first-hand how the Marine Corps instills ethics and values in 22,000 men and women annually as they “Make Marines.” Led by Marine Corps Officers, this distinctive program revealed how the Marine Corps prepares today’s recruits, integrating Values Based Training in all that they do.

Sunday-Thursday, May 16-20
For the third year, Dr. Olson taught in the Corporate Social Responsibility, Accounting and Social Auditing program held in collaboration with the Research Center of Economy and Society (CIES), the University of Barcelona and Georgia State’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. The session was a part of the University of Barcelona’s Master’s in Social Responsibility program.

Friday, May 7
Leading with Integrity Luncheon
Dr. Rushworth M. Kidder, president of the Institute for Global Ethics and author of The Ethics Recession and Moral Courage, discussed the state of ethics in U.S. society and in our corporations. He offered his thoughts on what we can do to restore integrity and responsibility. The luncheon was held at the Commerce Club.

Friday, April 30
Steve Olson conducted a sustainability and leadership workshop at the Savannah campus of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Dr. Olson introduced Fish Banks, Ltd., an interactive simulation of leadership, group thinking and sustainable behaviors. The event was hosted by the Design for Sustainability Program at SCAD.

Wednesday, April 28
Executive Breakfast Roundtable with Walter Earl Fluker
Dr. Fluker led a conversation about the personal and communal virtues we can cultivate to see us through our toughest public challenges together. Known as an expert in the theory and practice of ethical leadership. Fluker authored a book about this subject entitled Ethical Leadership: The Quest for Character, Civility and Community. The breakfast was held at The Capital City Club. Signed books were available for purchase after the event.

Thursday, April 22
To kick-off the Earth Day events held by Leadership Cobb, Steve Olson facilitated an environmental simulation, and gave a a brief lecture on sustainability efforts inside corporations. Dr. Olson also assisted in the planning of the sustainability component of the Earth Day events.

Tuesday, March 16
The Atlanta Compliance & Ethics (ACE) Roundtable hosted a presentation entitled Widening the Lens of Compliance and Risk: New Directions and Research from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The program, for Ethics and Compliance officers, was held at Lockheed Martin in Marietta, Georgia.

Thursday, February 25
Business, Ethics, and Corporate Responsibility in the 21st Century
At the Georgian Club, Dr. Steve Olson was the featured presenter at a breakfast meeting of the Professional Advisor Leadership Council hosted by the Community Foundation for Cobb County.

Saturday, February 20
ASJMC Winter Workshop
Dr. Steve Olson spoke on “Renewing Your Leadership Clarity: The Vital Role of Peer Consultation, Demonstrated and Applied” at the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Winter Workshop entitled “Leadership in Tough Economic Times.”

Friday, February 19
ASJMC Winter Workshop
Dr. Steve Olson spoke on “Building Morale in Tough Economic Times” at the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Winter Workshop entitled “Leadership in Tough Economic Times.”

Tuesday, February 16
International Visitor Leadership Program
Steve Olson and Tom Creely led a briefing for a delegation of officials from Russia. Joined by some of Atlanta’s corporate leaders, Olson and Creely conducted a session touching on the laws and regulations serving as the foundation of worker rights in the U.S.; public and private agencies and organizations in the U.S. who support fair labor practices; dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and formal legal remedies; equal opportunity, affirmative action, and discrimination based on gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, religious preference, etc.; corporate and union efforts to ensure fairness in the workplace; the concept of corporate responsibility; and diversity and how diversity contributes to a dynamic and resilient pluralistic cultural and political system.

Tuesday, January 26
ACE Roundtable Meeting
The Atlanta Compliance and Ethics (ACE) Roundtable hosted a very timely discussion on Setting 2010 Compliance & Ethics Goals. ACE members from Cox Communications, Georgia Power and the Home Depot guided the conversation.

Saturday, January 16
Transformational Leadership Workshop
Vanderbilt University hosted Dr. Steve Olson as he led a transformation leadership workshop. The program is sponsored by The Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership, which is dedicated to the discussion and promotion of moral values relevant to the professional schools and the practice of the professions. The workshop is based on research at Harvard University on change leadership. The event was held in the reading room of the Vanderbilt divinity school.