About Us

Serving Higher Education, Business and Society

Animated by a belief that when leaders work together to promote ethics the common good can be attained, Atlanta business people founded the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in 1993. The first of its kind in America, the center has grown into a global center where businesses and other institutions work together to promote ethics in business and professional life.

We operate on the principle that leaders and their organizations are more successful when they learn from each other, especially in meeting the ethical challenges of managing organizations in today’s globalizing economy. The Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility plays an integral role in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, providing a wide range of educational programs and services to practitioners, while enriching the learning of students through a variety of curricular and co-curricular offerings.

Through its national and international programming, the center has inspired and educated thousands of individuals through customized seminars, presentations and workshops for governmental organizations, educational institutions, businesses, trade associations, religious institutions and non-profit organizations. These innovative programs enhance awareness and understanding of ethical issues, values and responsibilities, and show how they relate to organizational success.

The center’s membership comprises dozens of leading corporations, professional firms, small businesses and individuals from all walks of life. Members benefit from ethics forums and seminars for business leaders; customized workshops for professional, trade and civic organizations; and a biennial survey of CEOs. The center also serves business and governmental organizations with specialized training services.

In virtually all sectors of global society – business, government, education and religion – ethics has come to the fore as a matter of unprecedented concern in the new century. The center is meeting this need with an innovative approach that brings the best research and academic expertise together with the hard-earned experience of practitioners. Please join us in this work.